11 Best Indoor Grow Tent For 2021: Top Picks & Reviews

An indoor grow tent is a piece of important equipment that you need to set up an indoor garden. Not only is it a place where you can grow your plants, but it also allows you to control the light and temperature you need to nurture your crops. Finding the best grow tent is challenging since there are many out there.

To help you with this, I will present the 11 best grow tents that you can buy to start an indoor garden. I will also discuss the things you need to consider like features, pros and cons, and the value compared to the price.

Compare Best Indoor Grow Tent

Rank Products Feature Website
Best Grow Tent for Beginners

Thick and tearproof tent canvas

A strong and stable tent frame

Exceptional light reflection and proofing

Best Cheap indoor Grow Tent

Strong and tear-proof canvas

A sturdy and stable tent frame

Highly reflective and light-proof

Most Flexible Grow Tent

Tent canvas that is thick and does not tear easily

A stable and durable tent frame

Highly reflective

Best Small Grow Tent

A durable and strong tent canvas

A strong and tough tent frame

Excellent light reflection and proofing

Most Durable Grow Tent

The thickest and toughest tent canvas in the market

A durable and strong tent frame

Lightproof and reflective

Most Value for Money

Strong and tearproof tent canvas

A sturdy and durable tent frame

Lightproof and reflective

Most Value for Money

Thick tent canvas, less prone to tearing

A durable and sturdy tent frame

Performs best in reflecting and proofing light

Best Mid Range Grow Tent

Exceptional light reflection and protection

A sturdy and stable tent frame

Weather-resistance, tearproof, and durable tent canvas

Best Privacy Grow Tent

Amazing Privacy Features

Thich and durable tent fabric

Stable and strong tent frames

Best Light Reflection and Protection

Durable and tear-proof canvas

A sturdy and stable frame

Made of highly reflective lining

Best Large Grow Tent

The thickest and toughest tent canvas in the market

A sturdy and stable tent frame

Good light reflection and proofing

11 Best Indoor Grow Tent

1. Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

One of the best brands available in the market when it comes to indoor grow tent is the Apollo Horticulture. They are the brand that offers the best grow tent for beginners, and it is best seen with their 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent.

Exceptional Features

Apollo did not hold back in providing you with the best features. This Mylar Hydroponic grow tent uses reinforced metal poles for the frame, ensuring a stable and sturdy structure. It also features the thick and durable 400D material that is double stitched for the tent’s canvas. The extra reinforcement ensures that it will not tear easily and allow both light and odor to pass through. It also absorbs heat properly. 

The company used Mylar lining for the tent’s interior, which is said to have a 97% light reflection. It also comes with a reflective removable floor tray to ensure the inside the tent is completely light reflective. Add in a heavy-duty zipper so the light will not easily leak out from the tent’s doors.

Outstanding Functionality

Apollo Horticulture added an adequate number of ducts and openings to provide good ventilation and functionality for the tent. The metal poles have the capacity to hold up to 120 lbs in weight, allowing you to install several grow lights.

You can easily fit 6-9 plants in 3-gallon pots inside the tent. The tent also comes with a removable floor tray and pocket pouch for easier storage of tools.




2. Vivosun 4x2 Mylar Hydroponic 48”x24”x60” Grow Tent

Vivosun 4x2 Mylar Hydroponic 48”x24”x60” Grow Tent

Vivosun is another brand that many people consider as one of the best grow tents available. The manufacturer combined features, affordability, and a good warranty to make the best yet cheap indoor grow tent setup.

Superior Features

The company used the top-quality 600D material for its tent canvas, ensuring a thick and tearproof tent that will last longer. The choice of fabric is also good at blocking light from coming in. It is paired with metal poles and corners to provide a stable and durable tent frame.

The company also uses diamond design for its interior Mylar lining, which provides 98% light reflection. Heavy-metal zipper with double layer black lining adds to the tent’s light protection capabilities. Dual drawstrings and dual layers are included in the openings to tightly seal fans and prevent light leakage.

Exceptional Functionality

This cheap indoor grow tent setup has enough ducts and openings that are placed conveniently for an easier installation of fans and lights. The arrangements of the openings also allow for an efficient dispensing of CO2. Vivosun also uses heat-resistant material for the tent, so you will not have to worry about the grow lights causing the indoor temperature to become too hot.

An inner tool organizer is also attached inside the tent. This is the solution to prevent clutter and easily organize your gardening tools. A removable floor tray is included for easy clean-up. There is also a viewing window for an easier check with your plants. You can fit 2-4 plants in 3-gallon pots, perfect for those who have a tight budget.




3. TopoGrow Tent 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow Tent 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow’s 2-in-1 grow tent is one of the most versatile grow tents in the market, offering you good flexibility when it comes to growing cannabis plants indoors.

Features 2-Tier Small Tents

The unique thing about this indoor grow tent kit is that it has 3 tent areas. It has 2 12”x36”x36” small tent areas where you can place the plant while it is still seeding and propagating. Once that process is done, you can transfer the plants to the large 36”x36”x72” tent area to continue growing and flourishing.

Both tent areas use diamond Mylar linings to provide 96% light reflection for your plants. The interior linings are paired with 600D material for the canvas. TopoGrow also uses connectors and 16-mm metal rods to ensure the stability and durability of the entire tent frame. 

Multiple Vents for All Tent Sizes

To ensure all tents will have enough ventilation, TopoGrow included multiple ducts and openings to accommodate all of the fans and cable wires you will need to install. These are essential for the different stages of the plant’s growth.

The tent also comes with a removable waterproof Mylar floor tray to make it easier to clean. Though the tent has 3 different growing areas, the overall tent size is still small and compact enough to allow you to keep this grow tent in small spaces.




4. TopoLite Full Range Multi-Sized Grow Tent

TopoLite Full Range Multi-Sized Grow Tent

If you do not have a big enough space in your home, TopoLite offers one of the best small grow tents available, the Full Range 24”x24”x48” Grow Tent.

Small but Packed with Features

Although the size of this marijuana grow tent is small, it is not lacking in features. TopoLite uses thick and strong 600D lightproof Oxford cloth for the tent canvas and sturdy metal poles with reinforced plastic corners for the frame. The company also uses heavy-duty zippers that have lightproof backing to prevent light from escaping and entering. 

TopoLite uses Mylar lining with a diamond finish for the tent’s interior to provide 96% light reflection. The tent’s canvas also uses highly heat-resistant materials, preventing a fire from breaking out because of the hot grow light. The tent has enough ducts and openings that have a carbon layer to eliminate bad smell. The company also included 2 hanging kits, which you can use to install the grow light, and a removable floor tray.

The 24”x24”x48” grow light will allow you to grow 2 medium plants or 4 small plants. The tent also costs less than $50, so you will not have to worry about spending a lot on this product




5. Gorilla Grow 5x9 Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow 5x9 Grow Tent

When it comes to durability, the Gorilla Grow Tent is at the top of the pyramid because of the top-quality materials it uses. This is especially true with the GGT 5×9.

Heavy-duty Materials

Gorilla uses one of the thickest and toughest materials for its tent canvas, the 1680D, which ensures a strong and tear-proof tent. The company combines the tough canvas with metal poles and connectors that use interlocking pins to secure the tent frame. This creates a stable and sturdy structure.

The thick material of the canvas also ensures maximum light proofing. Combine that with the Mylar diamond design lining for the interior, and you have a tent that offers a good light reflection. Industrial-strength zippers are also used to ensure a strong zip with good sealing capabilities.

Tall Height

Another unique feature of Gorilla’s grow tent is the tall height. The company’s regular grow tents stand at 6’11”, including the GGT 5×9. They also have a height extension kit that can add 2 feet more to an already tall tent.

Other Features

The Gorilla Grow Tent 5×9 has enough vents and ducts that are conveniently placed to make setting up your garden easier. You can fit 10 large plants or 20 medium plants inside this tent.




6. Vivosun 4x4 Grow Tent

Vivosun 4x4 Grow Tent

The Vivosun 4×4 Grow Tent is one of the best grow tents available when it comes to value for money. This is primarily due to the tent’s combination of functionality, affordability, and a host of features. This model has the best grow tent setup available. It is not small but it is also not too big. Just the perfect size for intermediate growers.

Exceptional Features

Vivosun uses top-quality materials for the grow tent. The thick and durable 600D fabric is used for the tent’s canvas. It is tearproof and thick enough to prevent light from passing through. They pair the thick canvas with metal poles and corner adapters to provide good stability and strength for the frame.

The 4×4 grow tent also uses diamond reflective Mylar design for the lining. This guarantees 98% light reflectivity. Combine it with good light proofing and you have full control of the amount of light your plant gets. To prevent light from escaping in the zipper area, Vivosun uses heavy-metal zippers that have a double-layer black lining.

There are also enough ducts and openings to provide ample ventilation for your plants. Completing the features that the grow tent has is a removable reflective floor tray and an inner organizer for storing gardening tools.

The beauty of all of this is that Vivosun made sure that the amazing features are available at an affordable price since this tent only cost a little over $100. You can fit as much as 6 to 8 plants in 3-gallon pots inside the tent. If you want the best grow tent for the money, this model is your best option.




7. iPower GLTENTXL1 96”x48”x78” Grow Tent

iPower GLTENTXL1 96”x48”x78” Grow Tent

The iPower 96”x48”x78” grow tent offers one of the best light reflection in the market. The company boasts that their tents provide 95% light reflection and prevents 99% of the light from escaping. This is thanks to the Mylar lining used. 

Best Light Reflection and Proofing

The company uses thick 400D material for the tent’s canvas. It is tearproof and offers outstanding light protection. To add to the canvas’ durability and light proofing, the iPower applied double stitching on the canvas, allowing it to prevent 99% light from escaping the tent. This allows you to save on energy since most of the light is reflected back on the plants.

Other Features

The GLTENTXL1 also uses heavy-duty metal poles and corners that can hold up to 110 lbs of weight. This will not give you problems when it comes to installing grow lights and other equipment. It also comes with a heavy-duty zipper that effectively seals light in. 

Completing the features of GLTENTXL1 is a removable reflective floor tray, a convenient tool bag, and a viewing window.




8. Viparspectra 4x2 Grow Tent 48”x24”x60”

Viparspectra 4x2 Grow Tent 48”x24”x60”

The Viparspectra 4×2 is one of the top-rated grow tents in the market and the main reason for it is its combination of superior light reflection and durable tent frame and canvas.

Superior Light Reflection and Durability

The company uses 100% Mylar lining for the tent’s interior, which means it reflects all of the light and heat back to the plant. The superior interior lining is combined with the thick and tearproof 600D material that is double stitched to form a durable tent canvas. 

The tent’s material is also non-toxic so your plants are not in danger of getting damaged or poisoned due to the tent’s materials. To add to the tent’s durability and stability, Viparspectra uses powder-covered metal poles and steel corner connectors. They also use heavy-duty zippers to provide a good seal.

Other Features

The grow tent also comes with a removable and reflective Mylar floor tray and enough duct openings and ventilation. The best part is that this tent is affordable. You can fit 3 to 6 plants inside this grow tent.




9. CoolGrows 32”x32”63” Indoor Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

CoolGrows 32”x32”63” Indoor Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

One of the main features of the CoolGrows Indoor Hydroponic 32”x32”x63” Mylar Grow Tent is that it offers privacy features, which is important if you do not like others knowing you are growing cannabis plants.

Privacy Features

Privacy is important for many cannabis growers and CoolGrows knows that. This is why the tent features a privacy flap that is located along the zippers to ensure that your plants are well hidden.

The flaps also prevent light from entering or escaping. The privacy flap also makes the tent look like a regular wardrobe when the zipper is closed. Combined with the height of the tent, people will not think that it is a grow tent, especially if they are not familiar with these kinds of equipment.

Good Features
CoolGrows Features

But privacy is just one of the features of this tent, as it also uses 600D for the tent’s canvas and metal poles and connectors for the frame. CoolGrows also uses 99% reflective Mylar lining for the tent’s interior to offer 99% light reflection.

The tent also has an adequate number of ventilations and duct ports, as well as a viewing window to make observing your plants easier. All of this comes at a very affordable price. You can easily fit 2 to 5 plants inside this tent.




10. Secret Jardin DR90 35.5”x35.5”x73 Grow Tent

Secret Jardin DR90 35.5”x35.5”x73 Grow Tent

The Secret Jardin DR90 35.5”x35.5”x73 is the best tent on this list when it comes to reflecting and providing light protection. The company uses top-quality materials that allow good lighting. 

Good Light Protection and Reflection

The DR90 is part of the Secret Jardin’s Dark Room series. As the name suggests, the tents in this series are exceptionally dark inside and this is due to the company’s use of the best available reflective Mylar lining for the tent’s interior. The lining also comes with a lightproof system, which further increases its light reflection and protection.

The company also uses thick 210D material for its canvas, which further increases light protection.

Other Great Features

Secret Jardin DR90 Features

Secret Jardin did not just concentrate on providing the best light reflection and protection, they also paired the DR90 with great features. The company uses a 0.19mm galvanized steel for the frame for a durable and sturdy tent. The company also added support bars on the roof to provide added support on the grow light that you will install.

There are also added accessories to this model like the CableIT to help you keep wires organized. There is also a Space Booster accessory to help you optimize interior space.




11. Gorilla Grow Tent 10x20

Gorilla Grow Tent 10x20

When it comes to large grow tents, nothing beats the Gorilla Grow Tent 10×20. It is perfect for planting larger crops.

Large and Tough

The 10×20 size is one of the largest that you will see in a grow tent and Gorilla Grow Tent offers one of the best in the market. The company’s tough, strong, and durable materials mean you will get a large tent that is geared for heavy-duty usage.

Other Features

The company uses the thick 1680D fabric for the canvas, combined with metal poles and connectors that have interlocking pins for the tent. This makes the large tent strong and tough that is capable of handling heavy workloads. The thick fabric material also ensures that light will not enter or escape the tent. Combine this with the diamond Mylar design for the interior and industrial strength zippers, you have a tent that reflects light well and keeps it from escaping.

Increased Height

Gorilla Grow Tent 10x20 increased height

The Gorilla 10×20 is not only tough and durable, it is also the tallest tent available. This gives more flexibility when it comes to the kind of plants you can grow in your large indoor garden. If you want to increase the height, the indoor grow tent kit also comes with a 1-foot height extension. A provision for a 2-feet extension is also possible.




Buying Considerations: Grow Tent 

When you consider buying a grow tent, there are actually several considerations that you need to look at to help you make the right decision. In this section, I will discuss what you need to look at. 

Material and Frame

The first thing you need to look at is the material of the fabric and tent frame. These two are the main things that will determine how tough and durable your grow tent will be. Not every product uses the same material and each one will cater to certain people. 

If you are a professional and serious cannabis grower, you would want a tent that uses a thick canvas material and a strong and sturdy tent frame. The reason for this is that a thick fabric will help you have better control of the environment of your cannabis plants.

If you are a professional, it is better to get a grow tent that uses 600D materials and up to ensure its thickness and to provide you with better control over how you will grow your plants. 

Reflection and Seal Quality

The next thing you look at is the grow tent’s reflection and seal quality. You check the lining used for the interior and how good is the zipper at preventing light from entering or escaping. One of the benefits of indoor gardening is that you can control how much light and heat your plants are getting. A good grow tent should allow you to have full control of the interior lighting to better nurture your plants and keep it from going outside, reducing its effect. 


When it comes to size, the first thing you need to look at is how big your space is at home. If you have a big basement or garage for your tent, then you can opt to get medium to large grow tents. If you only have a limited floor area, smaller tents are the next best option. 

The size of the grow tent is important since this will determine how many cannabis plants you can grow. Obviously, the smaller it is the fewer plants it can accommodate. Therefore, if you want to cultivate a sizable amount of cannabis, you should buy a bigger grow tent. 


You also need to look at the tent’s functionality, which covers the number of duct ports and ventilation openings. Are there floor trays included? What other extra accessories do the manufacturer offers? 

It is important that there is a continuous flow of air between the interior of the grow area and the outside world. This is to ensure that your plants receive their needed fresh and CO2-rich air. Otherwise, your crops will not grow to optimum levels. 

There should be a good combination of ducts and exhaust pipes in the grow tent you choose. This also contributes to proper heat and humidity management and pest control. 


This is the last, but probably one of the most important considerations. Not all grow tents are priced the same way. There are those that are more expensive and those that are cheaper. How much you are willing to spend for a grow tent will greatly influence the tent that you will buy. 

Just remember, expensive does not necessarily mean better since there are also affordable yet high-quality grow tents available. 


Not everyone has the outdoor space to start a garden, even a small one. This is why grow tents are popular since it provides room for an indoor garden. Right now, I think the best grow tent available comes from Apollo Horticulture with Vivosun a close second. 

These two brands offer the best combination of features, functionality, and affordability. You will not need to spend an arm and a leg if you go for the tents that these two brands are offering.