King Plus LED Grow Lights Review 2023 – How Good Is It?

Overall Score:

Overall Score:

4.1 / 5

With choices from King Plus LED 1000w to 3000w, KingLED Lights provide you with several options for grow lights for your indoor garden. What you choose will depend on the number of plants and the type of grow tent you have. KingLED sells budget-friendly grow lights like the King LED grow lights in a Plus series.

Design & Durability
Grow Light Size & Assembly
Customer Service & Warranty
Value For Money


  • Has efficient energy consumption
  • An exceptional cooling system
  • Bright and intense LED light for plants
  • Offers great added features
  • 3-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affordable price


  • Some models don’t produce the wattage they advertise
  • The available grow lights are not built for large crops
  • LED chips burn out faster than the timer
  • Not waterproof

The excellent thing about these lights is that they are stuffed with plenty of superb features and are sold at an affordable price. In this King LED review, I will discuss in detail what those features are and see if King Plus grow lights are indeed one of the best.

Design & Durability

Many people are saying that the grow lights from the King Plus series are loaded with great features. The company did not disappoint with the product’s design and durability.

Type of Lights Used

The company’s grow lights use full-spectrum 10W LED lights. This means the equipment is not only capable of providing different light spectrum, but it is also bright and intense. The full spectrum capability is important since cannabis plants will need different types of light in different stages of their growth.

The brighter and more intense light also means your plants will get optimal amounts of light. It will make it grow and develop better, and produce good yields.

LED Materials & Casing Construction

The grow lights from the King Plus series use Epistar chips for their LED light. The developer is one of the well-known LED chip manufacturers, which means you are assured that you are getting good quality LED lights (1). The company also uses Zener protectors for the LED lights to make sure that they will function individually without any problems.

For the LED’s casings, KingLED uses an all-aluminum casing, which increases its cooling capabilities. It is a durable casing that can withstand constant use and abuse. It is the perfect companion for the high-quality LED lights that the company offers.

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Power Usage

The company offers several models in the King Plus series and each model will have different power consumption, based on its wattage and the number of LED lights it has. The King LED 1500w double-chip grow light, for example, consumes about 260w of electricity. This saves you more than if you were to use HPS/MH lamp.

With the King Plus double chip LED grow lights, you can expect the product to consume power efficiently. This is true even if the company is using 10W for its LED lights.

The power consumption you can expect from the cheapest product is only at 100W while the most expensive model in the series will only consume 615W, which is low compared to its wattage.

Safety Features

KingLED has equipped the grow lights from the Plus Series with an advanced cooling system. It uses an upgraded aluminum radiator and have high-speed muted fans to keep the light’s temperature in check. The advanced cooling system allows the light to operate optimally at lower temperatures. This will ensure that it will not get too hot and burn your plants or cause a fire.

Other Features

Because the grow lights from King Plus use very bright LED lights, the company includes protective glasses for you to wear. This will protect your eyes from the light’s brightness so you can go inside the tent even if the grow lights are on.

The grow light also has a lighting time setup so you set the timer for how long the light will stay on. This is a great added feature since it gives you full control of how long the lights should stay on based on different stages of plant growth.

The double chips in the LED light allows it to produce brighter light without consuming too much electricity.

Grow Light Sizes & Assembly


The Plus Series from King LED comes in different sizes, providing you with options to meet your grow light needs. The company has small grow lights for beginners or for those who have a small garden. They also have large grow lights if you have a bigger garden.

The best model in this series is the King Plus LED 1200w. This model offers the best combination of price and features. It is also large enough for decent sized crops but not too big that it will require a larger tent. If you need something bigger, you can check out the King Plus 1500w Double Chips LED Grow Light. Check out the specification box below to see the different models and sizes that the Plus Series offers.

What Comes with the Box

When you buy a Plus Series LED Grow Light from King LED, you can expect that the box will include all of the things that you will need to set up the lighting fixture inside the tent. This would include the LED grow light and casing, the advanced cooling system that is inside, a power cord, a free-hanging hook, the protective glasses, and a user manual to help you set up the light.

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Ease of Use

Setting up the grow light inside your tent is made simple with a user manual that you can follow to guide you. You can also set it up in a way where you can easily adjust the height of the grow light, depending on the plants that you will grow. You can easily set it up on your own or ask for assistance to speed up the process.

The King Plus 3000w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum also has a timer. This will make it easier for you to schedule when you will light the plants and for how long.

Customer Service & Warranty

King LED offers a 3-year warranty for the free shipping of parts for 180 days. After that, you need to shoulder the shipping fee. 

The company also offers a 30-days no problem money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Just make sure you return it without any damage and they will refund your money in full. You can learn more about the company’s warranty policy on their website (2).

The company also has a decent customer service team and they try to make sure that they respond to any inquiries or concerns within 24 hours. Utilizing the years of experience the company has with sales and after-sales, the company also makes sure that they try to resolve any issues quickly and satisfactorily.

Value For Money

The Plus Series from King LED is packed with great features that can help you with your indoor gardening. The best thing about this is that the grow lights in this series are all affordable, including the top of the line product that is available in this series.

You can expect to spend below $60 for the cheapest product in the series and less than $270 for the most expensive product. With a 3-year warranty and a good customer service team, you are definitely getting your money’s worth if you buy a grow light from KingLED.


Though the King Plus Series is packed with features, not everything about is good. There are also downsides to the product and the company should try to address it to further improve their offering. 

  • Some of the grow lights they offer do not really produce the wattage that they advertise. One example is the 1000W grow light, which is only equivalent to a 400W HID light.
  • Some grow lights do not contribute to plant growth until crops have reached maturity. They can only provide light at the start and until a certain period. After that, you will need to add more grow lights to provide light for all your large plants.
  • Timer setup can be improved. On several occasions, the LED light burned out faster than the timer. This is bad since cannabis plants are sensitive to light and getting the right amount at the right time is crucial in ensuring that they will grow and develop to produce good yields.

Who Should Buy This Grow Light?

The King LED grow light in the Plus Series is great for people who are just starting out. The product is packed with great features that are perfect for beginners, like bright and effective light intensity, a durable casing, and efficient power consumption.

You can expect the grow light to perform and function properly while you start with your indoor garden. The best part is that this product is very affordable. Even the top model in this series will not cost you $300, making it a great grow light for beginners and for people who have a tight budget. As mentioned above, this grow light is not recommended for people who have large crops unless they are willing to invest in multiple grow lights.

Final Verdict

I give the King Plus Grow Light a total score of 4.1 out of 5.

King LED grow lights are one of the best in the market, especially the Plus Series,. It offers great features like a durable casing, an advanced cooling system to keep the light’s temperature low and a bright and highly effective light to help you produce a good yield. The company also included great added features such as protective glasses to protect your eyes from the bright lights.

Of course, there are downsides with the product, chief among them is that some models don’t have the wattage that they advertised. You also need to deal with the possibility that the LED lights will shut down much faster than the allotted time you set it to burn. 

Nevertheless, the downsides are not huge enough to make you think twice about getting this product. The best part about the Plus Series grow light is that it is affordable and has a 3-year warranty.

Grow Light Unboxing Video Review

Overall Score:

Overall Score:

4.1 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions

King LED says in the specs sheet that the grow lights from their Plus Series can last as long as 100,000 hours (except for the UFO-shaped grow light, which has a life span of 50,000 hours). That figure can likely go up or down, depending on several factors. The main contributing factor to a grow light’s life span is your usage of it and how you take care of the product.

If you take care of the grow light well, you will likely reach its expected life span or even exceed it. You can expect the life span of the grow lights in this series to be around 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

LED grow lights are more expensive compared to other types of grow light. But the higher price tag will come with several good benefits, including brighter lights, a more effective light penetration, and highly efficient power consumption. LED grow lights also tend to last longer than other types of light.

All of these features and benefits will negate the high upfront cost you need to spend for the LED grow light. This makes the grow light a good investment, especially if you are a serious cannabis grower.

The best place to assemble your grow light is at the roof area. The materials that come with the box will allow you to assemble it in a way that you can adjust the height and distance of the light from the plants. The type of plant you will grow will determine the best distance for the grow light.


  • Input Voltage: AC85V – 265V
  • Temperature: -20C – 40C
  • Life Span: 50,000 – 100,000
  • Full Spectrum: Yes
  • Warranty: 3-years
Series Grow Light Model Power Wattage Size Weight Actual Power Consumption Coverage Area Price
King Plus Series UFO 300W Double-Chips 300W 7″x2.36″ (UFO shaped grow light) N/A 100W 2.6’x3.2′ $
King Plus Series 600W Double-Chips 600W 12.2″x8.26″x2.36″ 6.61 lbs 120W 3’x3.4′ $
King Plus Series 1000W Double-Chips 1000W 12.2″x8.26″x2.36″ 6.39 lbs 185W 3.4’x3.8′ $$
King Plus Series 1200W Double-Chips 1200W 15.75″x8.39″x2.37″ 6.61 lbs 235W 3.5’x5.2′ $$
King Plus Series 1500W Double-Chips 1500W 15.75″x8.39″x2.37″ 9.2 lbs 260W 4’x5.5′ $$
King Plus Series 2000W Double-Chips 2000W 20.9″x8.3″x2.4″ 12 lbs 375W 4.5’x8′ $$
King Plus Series 3000W Double-Chips 3000W 26″x15″x6″ 16.2 lbs 615W 7.8’x8′ $$$

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