Secret Jardin Grow Tent Review 2023 – How Good Is It?

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One of the main factors that people usually look for in a grow tent is its ability to keep light from escaping or from entering. Having full control of lighting conditions is a key factor in ensuring healthy plant growth.

Design & Durability
Grow Light Size & Assembly
Customer Service & Warranty
Value For Money


  • Durable and tear-proof canvas
  • Sturdy and stable frame
  • Made of highly reflective lining 
  • Exceptional sealing to prevent light from entering
  • Water catcher prevents mess
  • Shipped with extra accessories
  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual.
  • 2-year warranty


  • Metal poles not stable enough
  • Tough zipper
  • Water catcher does not fully attach to corners
  • Pricey

The Secret Jardin Grow Tent is able to achieve this with their Dark Room model tents, especially the popular DR90. The company also pairs its tent’s exceptional light control with flexible configurations, a sturdy and durable frame, and a myriad of setup accessories.

In this Secret Jardin grow tent review, I will look at why this brand’s DR90 grow tents are popular.

Design and Durability 

The company made sure that its grow tent will provide good lighting for the plants. This does not mean they already forgot about the other aspects vital to plant growth. Secret Jardin also ensured that their tents are durable, long-lasting, and will provide good functionality.


This grow tent’s canvas is made of 210D fabric that is sturdy and tear-proof. You do not have to worry about the cover giving away to wear and tear quickly. 


The Secret Jardin Dark Room grow tents uses 0.19mm galvanized steel Q195 for the poles. They also use sturdy corner pieces to add more stability. This adds to the grow tent’s overall durability, as you are assured that the frames will not collapse easily.

Reflection and Seal Quality

This is where the Dark Room grow tent excels and many people are confirming this. The reflection capabilities of the company’s grow tent are exceptional and this is due to the best reflective mylar lining used in the tent creation.

The mylar lining also has a lightproof system to add the reflective capacity of the tent’s interiors. But the Dark Room grow tent is not only good in keeping light from escaping, but it is also good in keeping light from entering the tent.

This is important since cannabis plants will also require a certain period where they will not need any sunlight. This is why Secret Jardin named this model Dark Room because it can keep the tent dark on the inside when it is needed. The zippers and covers for the openings are also adequate enough to prevent light from entering or escaping.

Ventilation and Exhaust Ducts

The DR90 has a good number of ventilation and exhaust ducts, as well as ports for electrical wires. The good thing about it is that the placement of these openings provides you with flexibility in how you like to set up your grow tent in your home. Each port comes with a tightening string.

Safety Features

For safety, Secret Jardin has support bars lining the roof to provide added weight support and ensure the grow lights you install will not fall off. The tent also comes with added accessories like the CableIT, HookIT, and Space Booster, to allow you to keep wires in place and organized. The Space Booster ensures your tent will always stay in optimal space and not bend inside, which can minimize your space.

The grow tent comes with 15 CableIT clips that you can use to fasten and secure cables and nets.

Extra Features

The grow tent also comes with a PocketIT for storage of your tools, a WebIT to help your plants when they are growing, and a StrapIT to secure other equipment you will install inside. There is also a water catcher to help keep spills from messing up your floor.

Grow Tent Size and Assembly 


The DR90 has a dimension of 35.5”x35.5”x73”, which is one of Secret Jardin’s popular size for grow tents. This grow tent accommodates 2 – 4 cannabis plants that placed in 3-gallon pots. Use the web plant support to add room for another set of plants. 

What is Included in the Box

The Secret Jardin Grow Tent Kit will come with all of the things that you will need to install and fully set up your grow tent. This includes the metal poles, the grow tent canvas with zippers, the different accessories, and the simple but comprehensive instruction manual on assembling the tent.

Ease of Use

Assembling the DR90 grow tent is simple and easy to do so. You do not need to use special tools or equipment to set up the tent. Although you can assemble it on your own, it is advisable to get a friend to help to speed up the process. Fitting the tent canvas to the frame is a bit tricky, so you need to prepare to do some tug and pull. It will take about 30 minutes or less to completely set up the grow tent.

Customer Service and Warranty 

Secret Jardin offers a 2.5-year warranty for its grow tent from the date of its manufacture or a 2-year warranty from the date of its purchase against any defects in workmanship or materials (1). If you have questions regarding the product, customer service is more than willing to help you out. The company website also has a Resources page where a lot of useful stuff can be found, including text and video instructions. 

Value for Money 

Secret Jardin is not known for offering cheap grow tents and the DR90 is no exception. You should expect to shell out about $170 to $180 for this grow tent. Although it is a bit pricey, the tent does offer great features and extra accessories. There are other good alternatives if you do not have the budget for this grow tent.


The DR90 also has its downsides, despite Secret Jardin’s efforts to ensure that they only offer good quality products.

  • One of the downsides of the DR90 is that the water catcher does not attach directly to all the 4 corners of the tent. This is a problem because it means that the water catcher tends to become loose, thus preventing it from fully catching all of the spills.
  • Another downside is that the metal poles are not sturdy enough. There is a reason Secret Jardin included a space booster, to prevent the poles from bending.
  • There are also some complaints about the zippers not working properly or not stitched tightly, leaving room for light to pass through.

Who Should Buy This Grow Tent?

Secret Jardin made their grow tent with professional and amateur cannabis plant growers in mind. It provides one of the best light proofing and reflection, allowing you to take full control of how much light your plants will get.

It also has good accessories that can help make gardening a bit easier. If your concern is budget, then this grow tent is not for you since it is a bit pricey. You can expect to shell out about $170 to $180 for this grow tent.

Final Verdict

I give the Secret Jardin Grow Tent a total score of 3.9 out of 5.

The DR90 grow tent provides excellent light reflection and proofing, as well as good durability for its canvas. The tent’s frame is also decent and it offers a very good warranty. Plus, you get a lot of good extra accessories that you can use when you are setting up your garden.

I do find this grow tent a bit expensive for what it offers, hence it only has a decent score. Not everyone will have the budget to go for this tent and there are cheaper and better alternatives out there. But if you have the money for it, this is a good investment, especially if you are a professional grower.

Secret Jardin Grow Tent Instructions and Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

The DR90 grow tent is flexible enough to fit various fan sizes, such as 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch fans.

The grow tent can fir 2 to 4 plants that use 3-gallon pots.

The tent’s poles are sturdy enough to support grow lights. The poles have the capacity to support up to 65 lbs of weight.

The DR90 has one of the best light reflection and proofing in the market, so you do not have to worry about your plants not getting enough or receiving too much light.


  • Fabric: 210D Canvas
  • Frame: Galvanized Q195 Steel
  • Model: DR90
  • Size: 35.5”x35.5”x73
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Doors: 1
  • Windows: 2
  • Ducting ports: 6
  • Electrical ports: 3
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Price: $$$

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