Topolite Grow Tent Review 2023 – How Good Is It?

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Grow tents are one of the most important equipment you will need to properly grow your cannabis plants indoors. Finding the right tent to use is difficult since there are many to choose from. One tent that many are considering as one of the best and top-seller is the Topolite Grow Tent.

Design & Durability
Grow Light Size & Assembly
Customer Service & Warranty
Value For Money


  • Uses 600D material for tent canvas
  • Metal poles for a strong frame
  • Good light reflection and light proofing
  • Adequate number of vents and duct ports
  • Comes with spill tray for easy cleaning
  • Includes 2 support beams for grow light
  • Easy-to-install


  • No warranty offered
  • Materials seem of lower quality than marketed
  • The tent is a bit short
  • Light leaks from the zipper

It uses only top-quality materials for its frame and canvas to ensure that it is stable and offers a good light reflection without the leaks. All these come with an affordable price tag, too. In this grow tent review, we will look into what makes this product the best out there. 

Design & Durability 

Built to last a long time, this grow tent from Topolite does not disappoint where design and durability is concerned. With a strong frame and tear-proof canvas, it will serve its purpose long enough for you to recoup your investment. 


Topolite uses heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth for the canvas, a material known for its strength and sturdiness. It will take a lot to tear through it. It is lightproof, preventing light from coming in or out. You can bet that the grow lights within will be used optimally without leaking light. The company also used double stitching on the canvas to add to its durability and made sure it will last longer. 


For the tent’s frame, Topolite used metal poles that are painted in white. You do have the option to use plastic or metal corners. Either way, you get a stable and strong frame.

The frame of the Topolite grow tent also has a double-wall reinforced design to make sure the poles are secured tightly and will not fall off.

Reflection & Seal Quality

For maximum yield, optimal light reflection is important (1). Thus, the need for a tent with reflective walls. 

The insides of the grow tent canvas feature mylar design for good light reflection. The design is said to reflect 96% of light inside the tent, ensuring good amounts of light are kept inside for your cannabis plant. Combine this with the lightproof material of the canvas, and you have full control of the amount of light that gets in.

For the tent’s sealing, the grow tents kits would include a heavy-duty zipper that has light-proof backing to ensure the opening will not let light escape or enter. The tent also has dual clinching duct ports for better sealing of light and air around duct fans and cords. The ventilation windows also come with Velcro covers so there are no gaps where light can pass through.

Ventilation & Exhaust Duct

Topolite uses rectangular-shaped vents that have mesh to provide a good flow of air inside the tent. The vents are placed at the bottom, which also serves as a viewing window to help see how your plants are growing, especially in the beginning of the growing process. The tents also have several duct ports placed conveniently that you can use for fans and electrical wirings.

Safety Features

The grow tent comes with plastic corners, but Topolite provides you with the option to get metal corners instead. The tent fabric is also heat resistant, so you do not have to worry about the insides of the tent becoming too hot and burning up. 

The spill tray, on the other hand, not only makes it easy to clean spillage but also prevents slips and falls.

Extra Features

A removable floor tray comes with a grow tent. The tray is used to capture any water spills from your plants. The tray also makes it easier for you to clean the tent. Two support beams are also included.

The support beams are used to support the grow lights, carbon filter, and other equipment that you will hang inside the tent.

Grow Tent Size & Assembly 


Topolite offers grow tents in varying sizes, with the smallest having a dimension of 24”x24”x48”. This size can fit 2 medium-sized plants or 4 small plants. The largest dimension that the company offers is 120”x120”x80”. Below is a table of the different sizes of grow tents that Topolite offers and their features.

Topolite Grow Tent Features


What is in the Box

When you purchase one of the grow tents kits that Topolite offers, expect the box to come complete with all of the necessary items you will need to assemble it. This includes the installation guide, metal frames, plastic or metal corners, the 600D tent canvas with mylar design and heavy-duty zippers, the removable floor tray, filter belts, and the 2 support beams.

Ease of Use

Installing a grow tent is simple and easy to do. No special tools or equipment is needed to do it, and you can assemble it on your own. The installation guide is easy to follow and provides detailed instructions. Once the tent is assembled, setting up the other accessories, such as the ventilation fans, grow lights, and cables are also simple since the ports and openings are conveniently located. 

Warranty & Customer Service 

Warranty is something that Topolite does not offer with their product. Compared to the 2-year warranty that comes with the Vivosun grow tents, this comes as bad news for many. What if some items are damaged during shipping?

As for customer service, Topoflite is known to excel at it. In fact, a reviewer changed the rating to five stars after the company shipped replacement parts. So it is safe to assume their customer support team is doing a great job. 

Value For Money 

The grow tents from Topolite are affordable. Depending on the size, you can expect to pay as low as $48 to as high as $395. This is a decent price for a grow tent that offers the basic things that you would need in order to properly grow cannabis plants indoors.

But if you consider the features that this tent offers compared to other tents with equal price, Topolite falls short.


  • Topolite offers no warranty with their products, which is a major disadvantage for some. You want to be covered for missing parts and such, after all. 
  • It is not as high-quality as advertised. There are some people who complained that the material used is low-quality and there are areas that are not properly made like the zipper, which allows light to leak out. 
  • The tent is a bit short than other grow tents kits. This requires some plant training to accommodate the short height.

Who Should Buy This Grow Tent?

The grow tent is designed for people who are still starting out with indoor cannabis gardening. The company offers basic features that are suitable for a novice. It also helps that the tent is affordable, making it easier in the pocket.

The Topolite grow tent also comes in different sizes, which is great since it allows you to choose the right size you can fit in your home or wherever you wish to install an indoor garden. 

Final Verdict

I would give this grow tent a total score of 3.7 out of 5.

The grow tent from Topolite offers decent features and is stable and durable enough to last longer. It is a great product, especially if you are a beginner since you do not have to pay a lot. You can have the smallest tent they have for only about $48, which is a good price. 

However, there are several downsides to this tent, mainly Topolite’s lack of warranty. Although it is cheap, there are better grow tents available out there that are just as affordable and offer more features.

Still, it is still worth trying out if you are a beginner and is only growing cannabis plants for personal consumption.

Topolite Grow Tent Unboxing

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ventilation ducts on Topolite’s grow tents are flexible enough to accommodate several ventilation fan sizes. You can fit 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch fans on the grow tents. The 8-inch fans are best used for the larger Topolite grow tents.

Topolite uses metal frames to provide good stability for the tent. They also use 2 support beams placed on the roof to help support the weight of the grow light.

The number of cannabis plants you can fit inside the tent will depend greatly on the tent size. Below is a table on the different sizes and the number of plants they can house.

Topolite Grow Tent Size & Assembly

Topolite uses mylar lining for the insides of the tent. This provides a 96% light reflection, which is adequate to keep a good amount of light inside the tent without any worry of leaks.


  • Fabric: 600D
  • Frame: Metal Poles
  • Warranty: No Warranty

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